Frequently Asked Questions about brewing beer, winemaking and and homebrew supplies:

Can you brew good quality beer at home?  
Yes, if you can boil water, follow simple instructions and keep your brewing area and homebrew supplies clean, you can brew great beer at home.
Can you make quality wine at home? 
Yes, if you can pour water, you can make fine wines at home.
How do we recommend you begin?  
It is important to have good quality equipment.  A good, economic way to purchase your equipment is to purchase a kit.  This ensures you get the right equipment to do the best job.
What kind of wine should I make? 
WinExpert Wine Kits are a great way to have success the first time in your wine making experience.
Do we sell bottles?  
Yes, we have a large selection of wine and beer bottles to meet your needs.
Will you replace or repair any merchandise that has been damaged during shipping?
Yes, we will get you new winemaking and homebrew supplies if you receive damaged equipment.  (Exception: We are unable to guarantee any glassware contained in your order...UPS & FEDEX refuse to guarantee glass, therefore we cannot accept responsibility for broken glass of any kind.)
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Never hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns about our products or the homebrew and winemaking processes.
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