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Region and Blend: Zinfandel & Cabernet Sauvignon from Dry Creek Valley in California


Description: A robust blend of Zinfandel and Cabernet enhanced by the addition of oak chips from authentic Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. Inviting toasty notes on the nose lead to flavors of jammy blackberry, cherry and plum. Bourbon nuances of toasted vanilla, spice and a hint of caramel provide for a long, smooth finish.





In order to obtain optimal bourbon character in the finished wine, the Eclipse Bourbon Barrel limited release follows a unique oaking process which deviates slightly from our standard instructions.


The kit includes three packets of oak chips:


  • • 2 packets of Bourbon Oak chips
  • • 1 packet of Med-Heavy oak chips •


    • Add 1 packet of Bourbon Oak chips& the Med-Heavy oak packet. • Add the 2nd packet of Bourbon Oak chips.Normally only oak cubes are added during Step 3. As such, all packets of the Bourbon Oak chips will be labelled with the following notice:



Step 3.3 CLEARING:


Please save one packet of 007206 Bourbon Oak Chips 60g to


add at Step 3.3 (Day 15


Clearing) in your instructions.


Adding the Bourbon Oak chips to the wine during Primary Fermentation and then again during Clearing enhances the wine, giving it more pronounced bourbon character.


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