HPS - Silly Blonde

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10.00 LBS

HPS - Silly Blonde Recipe Kit This ale is styled after "Double Enghien Blonde Ale" brewed in Silly, Belgium. It has a creamy, white head, a bright gold color and a full, round body and mouthfeel. The aroma is a combination of sweet malt, light fruit and spice. Well balanced with malt and spicy hops followed by a long-lasting complex aftertaste. Use the recommended White Labs Liquid Yeast Belgian Golden Ale WLP570 yeast for a more authentic brew. This recipe kit includes all ingredients needed to make five gallons of beer.

HPS - Silly Blonde Recipe Kit

Similar to "Brasserie de Silly", Belgian Blonde Ale


Color:                              Gold to Amber

Starting Gravity (SG):       1.048 - 1.052

Final Gravity (FG):            1.010 – 1.014

Alcohol by Volume:           4.5 – 5.5% by volume

Hop IBU’s:                       20-25 IBU





6.6 lb Briess Pilsen LME                  


4 oz. Crushed Dingmans Aromatic Malt        


4 oz. Crushed Dingmans Biscuit Malt                          


4 oz. Crushed Briess Vienna Malt                                                


4 oz. Crushed Gambrinus Honey Malt              


1 oz.  Styrian Goldings (Bittering) @ 60 minutes          


1 oz.  Styrian Goldings (Finishing) @ 55 minutes    


5 oz.  Priming sugar


1 ea.  Grain steeping bag (small)


1 Pk   Muntons Ale Yeast


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