Kevin’s Award Winning Milk Stout won a Gold at the 35th annual Kansas City Bier Meisters competition and a Silver at the Lawrence Brewers Guild1st annual Big Brew Day-off in 2018. Use a White Labs Irish Ale yeast WLP004 for authentic taste! Congratulations Kevin!


SG:                 1.055-1.058

FG:                 1.012-1.016

Alcohol:         5.8% by vol.

Bitterness:    34-40 IBU

Color:            Black


3.0 lb Muntons Amber DME

   2.0 lb Muntons Light DME

   2.0 lb Crushed Briess Pale Ale Malt

10.0 oz. Crushed Dingmans Cara-45 Malt

8.0 oz. Crushed Briess Black (Patent)

8.0 oz. Crushed Briess Barley

8.0 oz. Lactose

     1 ea Grain Steeping Bag (Large)

     1 oz Northern Brewer Hops (bittering) @ 60 minutes

   .5 oz Kent Goldings Hops (finishing) @ 45 minutes

     1 oz. Columbus Hops (finishing) @5 minutes

     1 ea. Muntons Ale Yeast

     5 oz Priming Sugar

       1 ea Set of Instructions


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