HPS - KC Farmhouse Ale

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15.00 LBS

HPS - KC Farmhouse Ale Recipe Kit  This ale is styled after "Boulevard's Tank 7".  An American variation of a Belgian Farmhouse Ale, this beer first displays fruity aroma, hoppy notes dominated with citrus and grapefruit with a spicy finish.  Dry and complex. Use White Labs American Farmhouse Ale WLP670 yeast for a hint of "sour" and a more authentic version of this great brew.  This recipe kit includes all ingredients needed to make five gallons of beer.

HPS - KC Farmhouse Ale Recipe Kit

Color:                              Straw to amber

Starting Gravity (SG):       1.086 - 1.090

Final Gravity (FG):            1.018 – 1.022

Alcohol by Volume:           8.0-8.5% by volume

Hop IBU’s:                       48-50 IBU





6.6lb. Briess Golden Light LME                           


3.3lb. Briess Bavarian Wheat LME                  

 8 oz. Crushed Briess red Wheat Malt


 8 oz. Crushed Briess Vienna Malt      


 1 lb. Flaked Maize           


.5 oz. Magnum Hops (Bittering #1) @ 60 minutes              


.5 oz. Magnum Hops (Bittering #2) @ 30 minutes          


1 oz.  Amarillo Hops (Finishing) @ 55 minutes


1 oz.  Simcoe Hops (Dry Hop) @ 5 days  


1 ea.  Grain steeping bag (Large)


1 Pk   Muntons Ale Yeast


5 oz.  Priming sugar

Brew Day Instructions