HPS - KC Bully Porter

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12.00 LBS

HPS - Kansas City Bully Porter Modeled after a famous Kansas City porter that's rich & malty with just a touch of wheat. Emphasizes dark malts but remains smooth/not bitter. Use White Labs California Ale WLP001 yeast to ensure a smoother taste and finish. This recipe kit includes all ingredients needed to make five gallons of beer.

HPS - Kansas City Bully Porter


Similar to Boulevard Bully Porter


Color:                              Dark Brown/Black


Starting Gravity (SG):       1.050 - 1.055


Final Gravity (FG):            1.010 – 1.015


Alcohol by Volume:           5.1% by volume


Hop IBU’s:                       30-35 IBU





6.6 lb Briess Porter LME                 


 8 oz. Crushed Muntons Black Malt                  


 8 oz. Crushed Muntons Chocolate Malt                    


 8 oz. Crushed Briess Red Wheat Malt                                      


 8 oz. Crushed Briess caramel 90 Malt              


 1 oz. Chinook Hops (Bittering) @ 60 minutes                 


 1 oz. Mt. Hood (Finishing) @ 55 minutes    


 5 oz. Priming sugar


 1 ea. Grain steeping bag (Large)


 1 Pk. Muntons Ale Yeast


Brew day instructions