HPS - Irish Stout

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10.00 LBS

HPS - Irish Stout Recipe Kit Jet black and very robust. Well hopped and coupled with the natural bitterness of the roast barley, this one is very similar to Guinness. Smooth and dry with a roasted toffee malt finish. Try adding Brewer's Black Licorice for a unique flavor experience. Use White Labs Irish Ale WLP004 yeast to bring out the true maltiness of this one. This recipe kit includes all ingredients needed to make five gallons of beer.

HPS - Irish Stout Recipe Kit

Similar to Guinness Draft


Color:                              Black

Starting Gravity (SG):       1.048 - 1.052

Final Gravity (FG):            1.015 – 1.020

Alcohol by Volume:           4.5-5.0% by volume

Hop IBU’s:                       28 IBU





6.6 lb. Briess Traditional Dark LME


  8 oz. Maltodextrine


  4 oz. Crushed Briess Caramel 60 Malt


  8 oz. Crushed Blackswaen Roasted Barley


  4 oz. Crushed Blackswaen Chocolate Malt                           


  1 oz. Northern Brewer Hops (Bittering #1) @ 60 minutes             


 1 ea.  Grain steeping bag (Small)


 1 Pk.  Muntons Ale Yeast


 5 oz.  Priming sugar

  Brew day instructions