HPS- Helles Ya Lager

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10.00 LBS

A Clean pale gold German lager. Starts with bready Malt character and lasts all the way through the finish. Just enough hop bitterness with German Nobel Hops. Use White Labs 833 Southern German Lager yeast to bring out the traditional Munich Helles Lager.


6.6 lb. Briess Pilsen

1.0 lb. Muntons Plain Extra Light DME

12 oz. Crushed Briess Bonlander Malt

  4 oz. Crushed Swaen Melany Malt

  1 oz. German Hallertau Hops (Bittering)

  5 oz. Priming Sugar

1 ea. Saflager S-23 Lager Yeast

1 ea. Small Grain Bag

1 ea. Set of Instructions


Color:            Pale Gold

Bitterness:    10-15 IBU (low)

SG:                 1.048-1.052

FG:                 1.010-1.014

Alcohol:         4.5-5.5% by vol.