HPS - Cascadian Dark Ale

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10.00 LBS

Cascadian Dark Ale 5 gallon partial mash Extract kit.

Cascadian Dark Ale is also know as Black IPA. This ale exhibits flavors of roasty malt, biscuit, & caramel, bringing out the citrus, grapefruit and piney hops of Falcon Flight hops.

Substitute White Labs WLP001.


Color:                                  Black

Starting Gravity (SG):       1.056- 1.060

Final Gravity (FG):             1.014 – 1.016

Alcohol by Volume:           5.5-6.0% by volume

Hop IBU’s:                          80-85 IBU





3.3 lb . Briess Traditional Dark LME


3.3 lb. Briess Sparkling Amber LME


1.0 lb. Briess Amber DME


  8 oz. Crushed BlackSwaen Biscuit Malt


  8 oz. Crushed Briess Caramel 80L Malt


  8 oz. Crushed BlackSwaen Chocolate Malt                         


1 oz.   Falconers Flight Hops (Bittering ) @ 60 minutes                   


1 oz.   Falconers Flight Hops (Finishing) @ 15 minutes


1 oz.   Falconers Flight Hops (Finishing) @ Whirlpool 20 minutes


1 oz.   Falconers Flight Hops (Dry Hop) 4 days


2 ea.   Grain steeping/Dry Hop bag (Small)


2 Pk.   Us-05 Ale Yeast


5 oz.   Priming sugar


Brew day instructions