HPS - American Light Beer

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10.00 LBS

HPS - American Light Recipe Kit - Light bodied golden colored lager with a smooth malt finish and a light hop flavor. Use White Labs American Lager WLP840 yeast for a cleaner taste and crisp finish. This recipe kit includes all ingredients needed to make five gallons of beer.

HPS - American Light Recipe Kit

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Color:                              Light gold

Starting Gravity (SG):       1.037 - 1.040

Final Gravity (FG):            1.007 – 1.010

Alcohol by Volume:           4.0-5.0% by volume

Hop IBU’s:                       15 IBU



 3.3 lb Briess Pilsen LME

1.0 lb Muntons Extra Light DME                      

1.0 lb Rice Syrup Solids                                                  

1 oz. Czech Saaz Hops (Bittering ) @ 60 minutes          

1 oz. Mt. Hood Hops (Finishing) @ 55 minutes

1 Pk Muntons Ale Yeast

5 oz. Priming sugar

Brew day instructions