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 Homebrew Supplies / Winemaking Supplies:
Homebrew Pro Shoppe
Homebrew Pro Shoppe has been providing home brewers and wine makers with a wide range of homebrew supplieswinemaking supplies and expert advice since 1994. 
We offer one of the most extensive selections of equipment and ingredients available to the homebrew hobbyist.  From beginners to experts, we serve both the beer brewer and the wine maker.  
For the Beer Brewer, we take pride in the fact that all our extract beer recipe kits include only the freshest ingredients available.  We do NOT repack bulk extracts and expose you to the risks of contamination or oxidation.  We only use extracts direct from the manufacturer, in tins or pouches, to ensure you only get the very best quality and results.  Our hops are packaged in O2 barrier bags to maintain a high standard of quality and freshness.  Try one of our kits and you will appreciate the difference.  We are continually adding new recipes to our line.  We would be very pleased to put a recipe together for you.  Just email us with your request.  We have employees with years of brewing experience and we formulate our own recipes.  All grain recipes are also available on request.  Our grain selection is among the finest available.  We also have a wide variety of additives and adjuncts, as well as a full line of chemicals and water treatment supplies, beer equipment and homebrew
supplies, wine equipment and supplies.
For the Winemaker, we have a large selection of WinExpert Wine Recipe Kits; Vintner's™ Reserve, Vintner's™ Reserve World Vineyard, Selection Original, International Selection and Estate Series.  We are sure to have a variety that will please your selective taste.  We also carry an assortment of Vintners Harvest Fruit bases and grape juice concentrates for the wine maker who wants more control over the process.  We also special order grape juices for the discriminating Vintner.  
Shipping Options: We carry a large inventory of commonly ordered items to ensure we can service your order quickly and completely.  For out of stock items and special orders, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  UPS serves as our shipper, and we only charge you what UPS charges us.  Shipping charges are based on what you ordered, by weight and volume.  We do not charge based on a percentage of the orders value, which saves you money.  
Compare our prices -- plus shipping -- and you will see we are still the best value you find. We just offer good value and excellent service for your dollar.  Contact us if you're interested in learning how to make your own homebrew.  
Homebrew Pro Shoppe
2061 E. Santa Fe, 
Olathe, Kansas 66062
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Email: James@HomebrewProShoppe.com
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